We offer three different Yoga Anatomy and Physiology courses

Anyone interested in learning more about yoga anatomy and physiology is welcome to enroll. You do not have to be enrolled in our Yoga Teacher Training programs in order to take these courses. If you do decide to enroll in the full program, one of these courses will fulfill the anatomy and physiology requirement.



OPEN ENROLLMENT The Anatomy and Physiology Correspondence Course is an independent study presented in 10 modules, each taking approximately 2 hours to complete. After enrolling and paying $300 in tuition, a student receives the modules, either in print or by e-mail attachment. When all 10 modules are complete, the student receives a certificate of completion. To enroll, fill out a Registration Form and Enrollment Agreement and send your payment to the school.

Anatomy for Yoga is a 20-hour classroom course that covers all the basics of anatomy and physiology related to yoga teaching and practice. The primary focus is on musculoskeletal anatomy. The cost of this course is $300. Students who attend the entire 20 hours will receive a certificate of completion. The next offering will be in Tulsa summer 2021. Please contact the Director to be placed on the mailing list.

Advanced Anatomy for Yoga is a 30-hour course for those who have completed one of the two basic anatomy courses and wish to delve more deeply into the biomechanics of the shoulders, hips, and spine; common injuries with an emphasis on anatomically safe movements; assisting and adjusting that is anatomically informed; the anatomy of breathing; and Ayurvedic anatomy. Prerequisite: Yoga Anatomy and Physiology correspondence course, Anatomy for Yoga classroom course, or equivalent course in anatomy for yoga teachers. The cost of this course is $450. This course will be offered in Tulsa in 2022. Please contact the Director to be placed on the mailing list.