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Spiritual Practice of Mantra

Mantra is a sacred sound or holy utterance. It can be a phrase given to you by your guru, a sentence from sacred scripture, or a seed syllable, called a bija mantra. When you repeat it with complete attention it awakens full awareness.

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Spiritual Practices: Creating Sacred Space

As we make the commitment to cultivating spiritual awareness in our everyday life, we find that the busy-ness of life is not conducive to this process. We have work to do, homes to look after, people who expect things from us, and so many distractions on the internet and television! If we are truly committed to making this happen, then we must make the effort to create sacred space in which this awareness can arise. Let’s explore two ways we can create sacred space: one is physical and the other is temporal.

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Boost Immunity through Yoga and Ayurveda

How are you handling your circumstances surrounding the pandemic?

□ I’m afraid of getting sick, worrying about money, and anxious for the future.

□ I’m frustrated that my life has been disrupted and I’m angry at the way the situation is being handled by the people in charge.

□ I’m so sad that people are suffering. I lack motivation and I’m tending to eat and sleep more than usual.

□ All is well with me. My moods are not determined by what is happening in the outside world.

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Yoga Asana as Spiritual Practice

The first yoga postures were mostly seated postures used for meditation. As yoga postures became more active and varied, it became clear that moving the spine in all directions, stretching tight muscles, and lubricating tired joints were essential movements for preparing the body for longer periods of sitting still in meditation. Relieving the physical discomfort of sitting removed a primary distraction to meditation. A relaxed body paves the way for a clear, quiet mind.

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Benefits of Spiritual Practices

We begin with the WHY, WHAT and WHERE of spiritual practices because

"We are spiritual beings having a human experience"

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