Lora Buck

2014 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate

2015 advanced certificate in Therapeutic Yoga


     Yoga Spirit Academy's well-organized twelve-month teacher training program provides solid teachings on the postures, anatomy, safety, and business of Yoga in a warm and professional studio.

     I especially appreciate that YSA's curriculum reflects Janet and Victor's wise commitment to an integrated study of Yoga history, philosophy, pranayama, meditation and lifestyle along with the poses. I chose YSA because in addition to the nuts and bolts of a physical practice, I wanted to learn about those often-neglected deeper dimensions of Yoga. In Tulsa, I found this scope of instruction unique to Yoga Spirit Academy.

     I like that this program is very professionally structured. Janet is an excellent communicator and educator which allows both new and seasoned students to relax and learn. Victor's philosophy lessons and meditation instruction are enriching in often unexpected ways. The monthly reading and practice assignments from the meaningful textbooks are carefully chosen to prepare you for that month's scheduled learning. The requirements to complete each area of study are clear and well presented.

     Victor and Janet welcome and honor each student who enrolls in Yoga Spirit Academy. I love that on any given yoga school weekend you may see a tattooed belly dancer, a graying grandmother, a martial arts instructor, a recent high school graduate, a retired English teacher, a landscaper, a pub owner, a fulltime mother, an aquatics instructor, an attorney, a farmer, a first responder, a journalist, an equestrian, a foster parent, a massage therapist, a realtor, a medical student, a fully pregnant mother, and a cupcake baker all engrossed in our common study and practice of Yoga.

     Yoga Spirit Academy will challenge and delight your body, mind, heart and spirit. With a full heart I recommend the experience. Namaste.