Kandice Mallinger

2018 graduate 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Currently enrolled in 300-hour Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher program


Attending Yoga Spirit Academy Yoga Teacher Training changed my life.  I came to YSA at 53 years old and at the end of a difficult and painful ten-year relationship.  The first day was the day that changed everything for me.  I found my dharma and nothing has been the same.  Janet and Victor's teaching opened the door to a profoundly new way of living. 

Yoga philosophy, asana, meditation, mantra and Ayurveda practices have altered me physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Physical practice is just the tip of the iceberg.  Learning to sit in meditation and incorporating mantra and Ayurvedic practices according to my constitution have taught me how to care for all aspects of myself.

Janet and Victor's teaching is rooted in, and grows from, a love of staying true to the authentic philosophy and practices of yoga.  Teaching and practice with no gimmicks or hooks.  They are deeply committed to the authentic path of yoga as teachers and practitioners.

Another wonderful reward of training is the friendships that you develop.  Learning and practicing with men and women from all walks of life allowed me to see and experience yoga from many unique and wonderful perspectives. I have been blessed by loving relationships with other like-minded individuals.

The training program at YSA offers an opportunity for authentic change and growth.  If you want to change your life or simply deepen your own practice then come join YSA.

Jai Ma and Sat Nam